Dragicons Rising marks the return of the Dragiconz, and sees the return of Nightstalker (now known as Nightstorm).


In the Autobot Base, Optimus Prime and the rest of Team Prime are trying to decode an encrypted Decepticon transmission. Roadmark believes it has something to do with one of Blazorwrath's plans, but Hound thinks it's something more sinister. Aboard the Archangel, Stinger reports that their encrypted transmission has been intercepted by the Autobots. Starscream smiles as Blazorwrath warns Starscream of the consequences if his plan fails. "I have assurances it will work," Starscream tells him.

Bumblebee arrives at the Disney Studios in Germantown, Tennesse to pick up Olivia Holt. Olivia walks out with her friend Leo Howard and approaches Bumblebee. "Optimus wants all units back at base," Bumblebee says. Olivia bids goodbye to Leo and climbs in. Unseen by them as they drive away, the familiar sound of a Dragicon can be heard in the skies.

Elsewhere, Containment and Lockdown are contacted by Seeker Striker, who was presumed dead.


  • This marks the return of Nightstalker, reborn as Nightstorm.
  • This marks the return of Spikejaw.
  • Containment officially quits being a mercenary in order to join the Autobots.